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Incompetent…….. Viewers.

In the early hours of the morning I was, once again, back checking iTunes for a good comedy film to cheer me up when I stumbled upon the film: ‘Spring Breakers’. Since I had already watched the film, I scrolled through the reviews to be shocked at my findings. In my haste; I quickly typed up a response rating it 4 out of 5 stars:

“To anyone reading this review, you will, most presumably, be looking for advice on whether to purchase this film or not on iTunes. After scrolling through a lot of the reviews myself I’ve come to find a terrible pattern: “Incompetent Viewers”. A lot of reviews are short and give a ‘One Star Rating’ on the premise the film is “terrible”, “awful” or even, “the most boringist film ever!!!”

Not only is ‘boringist’ not a word, it is also said by morons. People writing reviews similarly to this do not understand, nor appreciate this film for what it is: a masterpiece. Even though categorised in the wrong genre, ‘Spring Breakers’ is a beautifully shot film coinciding with an amazing cast of actors. Most shots were freestyle revealing the talent of the actors.

Although at times it is slightly tedious; overall the film really shows a sense of passion and displays the true abilities these actors posses. James Franco, who plays “Alien”, is the true talent in ‘Spring Breakers’ showing a vast variety of emotions and merely skimming the surface of his potential as an actor. It is rumoured he spent one year getting into the role of “Alien”; it definitely paid off! The directing was outstanding and the plot, although unnerving (even disturbing at times), was well thought out and strikes you on an emotional level as you quickly discover feelings for the main characters.

The scene where Franco (“Alien”) is playing a very sad version of one of Britney Spears’ hit songs is very tense and emotional. Somehow, through brilliant directing I suspect, it reaches you on a primal level making you form an attachment with “Alien”, who, at the beginning of the film, was disliked strongly. As a viewer, you envelop his character and come to accept his flaws; even caring for him. ‘Spring Breakers’ is truly magnificent and one of my all time favourite films.

Hopefully this has helped you make your decision, ignore the description and genre and try to look at this film for what it is essentially - a piece of art. (Tash Whitney).”